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AO UGORIA Insurance Company

Ever since its foundation, the company has provided excellent customer service, solid financial protection and peace of mind for its clients and their families, offering insurance and reinsurance to individual consumers, employers, and public purchasers. With offices in cities and towns across Russia and a professional team of  over 2000 employees and agents, UGORIA brand name has become highly recognized and respected throughout the country.

Founded in 1997, state-owned UGORIA Insurance Company has grown into one of the nation’s largest publicly held insurers. UGORIA is an open joint stock company. The Company's only shareholder is Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug – Yugra.

UGORIA has a comprehensive product portfolio, comprising 92 personal and corporate insurance products. They include auto and home insurance, health and travel insurance, commercial products, and more.

UGORIA's nationwide network has been at the core of the Company's success. Insurance sales in our 62 regional offices in 50 regions of Russia accounted for over 80 percent of the insurance premium collected by the Company.  

UGORIA provides tailored insurance services for a broad range of companies, such as airlines, financial and administrative structures and small to medium sized businesses. 

UGORIA has been recognized with numerous awards, including the annual national Financial Russia - 2007 award for Best Development, the Golden Salamander annual Russian insurance award, Russian Financial Elite award, Russian Business Elite - 2007 award, and many more. Directly and through numerous regional offices, UGORIA provides support to charities which help to educate and mentor young people and to other non-profit making organisations, such as theatres, art studios, sport clubs and orphanages. Increasingly aware of their social responsibility, the company’s subsidiaries sponsored local festivals, shows and sports events.

We used to dream of just a glimpse into the future.
To discover what’s hidden,
To evaluate chances and risks,
To understand causes and effects,
To know what tomorrow holds...

Telling your future, it’s impossible.
Making it more predictable, it’s our job.

AO UGORIA Insurance Company
tel. 8 800 100 82 00

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